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What is the process?

  • Free home consultation to discuss your ideas and concerns.
  • Free advice and inspiration is given using our knowledge and experience.
  • All Professional and Local Authority fees are explained and quoted.
  • The Process is explained, together with estimated time scales.

  • A full measured survey is carried out at the property, in order to produce plans and elevations of the existing property to be used as a basis for the proposals
  • Production of Architectural drawings using computer aided design for accuracy based on the design brief and our inspirational ideas
  • Meeting with client to discuss the proposals and make any amendments required to the clients satisfaction
  • Add construction specification, dimensions and technical details and liase with product technical officials, as required
  • Liase with Structural Engineer and other associated professionals where required on behalf of the client
  • Finalise the drawings
  • Preparation and submission of Planning and / or Building Regulations applications to the local authority for consideration for approval.
  • Monitor the progress with the Local Authority to ensure smooth running of submitted applications.
  • Discussions with local authority appointed persons
  • Amending drawings as required by Local Authority during the application Process.
  • Forward amended drawings / details to Local Authority and Client
  • Recommend reliable, good quality builders and contractors for the construction.
  • Liaise with builders / contractors as required during the quotation process

  • Issue Decision Notices and commencement of works on site.
  • Liaise with builders / contractors as required during construction and offer technical assistance.

JPK Design aims to provide a full set of planning drawings for customer approval and comments within 21 days of the survey date.

Please allow at least six to eight weeks to obtain Planning and Building Regulations approvals from your Local Authority.

Local Authority Full Approvals are valid for 3 years.

You will not be charged any fee should we discover on our first visit that your project is not possible.

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